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Meetings are usually on the second Monday of each month, immediately following Cyberpunk Cinema at the Knockout SF.

Our next regularly scheduled meeting is:

Monday, September 9

august meeting cancelled bc were at defcon lol

If you have any additional questions, email address dc510 at the domain protonmail dot com Please do not talk business in depth over e-mail. If you’re going to be late and want us to wait up after the movie (or if you just want to skip the movie and come to the meeting), send an RSVP and we’ll wait around for you.

Knockout SF, isn’t that..?

It’s SF, yeah. DC510 meetings will always be near a BART station. For now, Cyberpunk Cinema is a friendly environment, and it’s conveniently close in time and location to Deathguild. We can move if we find a find a better venue, and are exploring meeting more than once each month. Be advised, the folks at The Knockout are super nice and will not vomit on you for trying to enjoy their wonderful establishment. Drinks are super cheap there at any hour, too.

Why Does DC510 Exist?

The Bay Area has no shortage of hackers. Around here, you can get ethical hacking classes, corporate hackathons, and (actually) some of the best hackerspaces in the world. It’s a high-tech environment, but that environment caters more to the kind of security professionals who attend Blackhat, and less the kind of hackers who go to DEFCON. The real hacker groups in the area are stagnant; SF2600 is a dwindling population that never outreaches or does activities past bar meetings (or actually goes to DEFCON?), and DC415 was last we checked (July 6 2021 thanks for your concern) an online-only arm of hispagatos (we still love you rek2).

What’s a hacker?

DC510 is for abusers of technology. We won’t fight you over the definition of hacker beyond that. Cyberpunks welcome.

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